DMC came about when Joe Conere and Gordee McBride wished to further their efforts to build and develop on the TBC model through an alternative approach to education and training. DMC is a digital technology trans-media production company that works with cutting edge technology to produce high quality and sleek apps, animations, films and games. We have a vast collaborative network due to the range of skills, expertise and experience each individual possesses. As a result we create quality products and training packages for our clients. We also maintain great open communication throughout.

Our Services

App Development
Concept design and app development using ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Xamarin’.

Creating promotional videos, adverts and short films using ‘Premiere’ and ‘After Effects’.

3D animation production using industry standard software ‘Maya’.
Providing training for all ages in digital trans-media technology

Latest Works

    • CHRISTMAS VIDEO - A funny thank-you video to end the year (Click To Watch)
    • OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - Eoin Martin 'Don't Let Me Down' (Click To Watch)
    • 3D ANIMATION SHORT - iNeets 2: Inside The Box (Click To Watch)

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